How To Know and Enjoy It

The area from Chioggia to the Po River Delta is enclosed between land and sea, and also between the largest lagoon and the largest river mouth in the country; indeed it has very specific environmental characteristics. The mild climate favors the cultivation of different vegetables, nationally recognized as products of local excellence, while the shallow sandy bottoms of the Northern Adriatic Sea and of the Southern Lagoon sustain an important fishing port and the first Italian producer of some fish and seafood products. The whole coast is dotted with areas of great naturalistic interest, many of which are protected but nonetheless easy to visit. Even art and culture are well represented in Chioggia: this ancient city inside the Lagoon has an illustrious past, which can still be enjoyed walking through its narrow streets, called calli, and staring at the ancient buildings overlooking Corso del Popolo and Canal Vena or entering some of its many churches.

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